Mitch Hedberg is one of our favourites.

He's a hilarious American stand up comedian who is the master of witty one-liners and jokes.

Our favourite joke that he tells is about a frozen banana.

"My friend says 'hey Mitch do you want a frozen banana?' " he says.

"And I said no..but I want a regular banana for later… so yeah."

As a business owner, you can look at potential customers as frozen bananas. Even though they are not ready right now doesn't mean you should throw them away.

Life will throw hundreds of frozen bananas your way and if you pass on them because they are not ready to eat right now, you miss the potential of the perfect, ready to eat banana they will become.

So how do you cultivate frozen bananas?

If you go directly to the sale, you're going to miss the opportunity.

Frozen bananas aren't meant to be eaten yet. You're going to miss all of the customers that will need your services in the future, just not right now. There are always fewer people who are ready to buy right now. And a lot more people who want to build a relationship first before buying from you.

Focus on building an audience of people who value the content you produce. And actually, deliver interesting and useful content. Whether it be a newsletter, blog or Facebook messenger campaign, building up your followers by giving away non-salesy content will ensure that when they are ready to buy you already have their attention and a relationship built up.

The best part?

Everyone else is trying to rush the sale, and looking for a short term win. So it's actually pretty easy to stand out.

When you can learn how to have patience in business, you'll always come out ahead.