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looking to speed up having your marketing plan?
Would you prefer a more guided approach, with a marketing expert walking you through the process?

Then accelerate your planning with our 1 on 1 Marketing Planning Fast Track program. Let us help you ensure you have a winning marketing plan, with tasks, tools and budget all planned out.


How do we fast track your success?

Session 1: Benchmarking

We find the biggest opportunities for growth, by visualizing your current marketing efforts.

Goal Setting: We set realistic and achievable marketing objectives for you based on your cash flow, time, and market.

Sales Process: We map out your sales process for your products & services, and strategize the best way to make your products scaleable for digital marketing.

Marketing Benchmark: We will map out your current marketing, identify what has worked, what assets you have, and identify the best pathway to hit your goals.

Session 2: Marketing Map

We create a custom strategy for you with everything you need to get started. We make it easy to understand with visual tools.

Marketing Map: We will visualize the ideal marketing system that fits your budget and goals,

Budgeting: We will create a budget for your entire marketing system, and then divide it into 3 easy to action phases so you can start small, and grow.

Implementation Schedule: Who does what and when. We divide up based on your time commitments what you can action, and what tasks need to be outsourced based on your budget.

Session 3: Action!

Our final session will clean up any loose ends, guide you through the software setup, and ensure your plan is set in motion.

Software Installation: Assisting you setting and connecting up the software

Finishing touches: After presenting the final plan, we make any last adjustments needed to ensure that every opportunity is acocunted for.

Hand off & Next Steps: We either hand off the plan to you to action, or fast track you with our agency.

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