Google Reviews are great. If you're on the fence about going somewhere, what's the first thing you do? You do a quick search and read the reviews to see what other people had to say.

And that's just what we were doing when we stumbled upon a strange reviewer with a familiar profile photo:

Totally real photo right?

We went to go check some reviews of local businesses and found one from a "Marge Simpson" with the matching profile picture to boot. That caught our eye and made us want to learn more and we found thousands of reviews similarly worded, almost all 5 stars and all takes place in and around North Grenville.

Are these all real reviews? Are they fake? Did we spend too much time on this?

The universal answer is a definite maybe.

The first image that caught our eye.

This was the first review that we saw and it threw us off at first. It started as a simple review saying that they had great service and the parking lot was good – which are both important, especially for banks

– but then there's that last statement.

That last statement that turns this from a normal review into something a bit more interesting. Why talk about the robbery? Feels unnecessary, doesn't it? Maybe it's a simple warning that if you go here, you might get robbed? Who knows? We certainly don't.

Yet another one that caught our eye.

After we read the first one, we knew that we had to keep investigating. So we did just that. Everywhere we checked, there was a review waiting for us. And not just in Kemptville: Merrickville, Ottawa, Manotick, Barrhaven, and the list keeps going. There's a pretty good chance that your business or your favourite business has a review by Marge Simpson waiting for you there.

So how many reviews has Marge Simpson Posted?

Quite a few.

She has over 34 000 contributions to Google Maps, and about 2000 business reviews that are all 5 stars.*****

This is only 2 years worth of reviews. We couldn’t load more as our computer crashed.
She definitely is an Eastern Ontario Native. And looks like she went to California once.

Well, almost all of them are positive

All of her reviews are positive unless of course, you don’t have Milk options.

That's right, KFC doesn't have any milk to speak off, and Marge isn't happy.

All of her reviews in the past have been quite positive. But when there's no milk, that's when things become sour.

Now we obviously can't put ourselves into her shoes and fully understand her deep love of milk, but through these reviews, we're able to see a glimpse.

Editors Note: Maybe it's just KFC's that she doesn't like?

So Who is this Mysterious Marge Simpson?

Here’s what we know about Marge:

  • Almost all of the reviews are around the eastern side of Ontario, with a couple being spread around the rest of Canada.
  • Marge reviews almost every type of business. Tech companies, restaurants, to manufacturing plants and professional service companies.
  • They're fully committed to doing this as there are years worth of reviews. that they've written.
  • She is a very positive person. Going through a year of reviews, we were only able to find one 2 star review and two 3 star reviews.
  • Negative reviews seem to be centred on lack of milk options
  • Photos posted on the reviews are often just taken from other places, but sometimes seem like genuine photos Marge has taken.

So why is she doing it?

Our first assumption was that there was some review leaderboard, or incentive from Google to post reviews. There used to be some small prize incentives for reviewers, but many of those stopped long ago.

They aren't doing this in a way that would build up a brand or a business trying to get their name out there. Instead, they're doing it under an alias that would go under the radar.

So if you're reading this Marge, please contact us. We want to know your story!