Ryan Hodgins is a successful real estate agent with Red Moose Realty, based out of Ottawa, Ontario. He has been in the real estate business for five years but says he has really gained traction in the industry over the past two. He has a lot to share about how he found his footing in real estate and the work that it took to get there.

Find your motivation

Ryan says he hasn’t always wanted to be a real estate agent. In fact, he spent a decade as a server and bartender in the Byward Market. He found that living in that world was one way of not having to worry about the future. “The bar tending industry is a place where people can go, make a decent amount of money, and not have to grow up,” Ryan says. “I ended up not wanting to do that any longer.

Motivated for change, Ryan got his real estate license and started working for the Canadian-owned real estate company Sutton Group. Ryan says his motivation to grow his business as a real estate agent is ingrained in his love of helping people, not necessarily the work itself. “Work to me is a means to an end,” Ryan says. “But if I’ve chosen this job as my living then I take it seriously and try and do it the best I can.”

Ryan says that with this attitude the work becomes more pleasurable over time. He doesn’t love the long hours or being up at 1 am doing paperwork but he truly enjoys helping people realize their own goal of home ownership. “That’s where I found the passion in real estate,” he says.

Mentorship is key

Ryan started his real estate career with Sutton Group which has offices all over the country. While he says the owner of the company and the people he worked with there were great, he didn’t find the type of mentor he was looking for to help him grow as real estate agent. “It’s nobody’s job to teach me, it’s my job to learn,” Ryan says. “But I didn’t have the right affiliations with the right people which matters quite a bit.”

Two years ago he got the opportunity to join a brand new brokerage in Ottawa called Red Moose Realty. He knew there was a risk in joining a new company that wasn’t established but he like the idea of learning under the owner of the brokerage, who he knew from working at Sutton Group. “It was me needing to change because it wasn’t working and trusting the mentor that wanted to give me an opportunity,” Ryan says. “It’s the best decision I ever made.”

Goal setting matters

Ryan admits that when he was in his 20’s he didn’t want to plan his life past a week or two. In high school he used to scoff at the idea of setting goals and creating concrete plans to reach them. Now that he is building his real estate business he sees the benefit of goal-setting and planning for the future. He now writes out goals and targets he want meet to make sure they are concrete and he holds himself to them. “Since I’ve started to do that it’s helped a lot” he says. “It holds me accountable and motivates me at the same time.”

Be a team player

Ryan says being part of a team has been an important part of his success at Red Moose Realty. He works directly with one of the founders of the business and one other real estate agent. While the three of them are very independent people they work hard to remain open and honest and help each other succeed. “The secret to me for a good team is trust and equality,” Ryan says. “A team is better as a whole than an individual.”

Go with your gut

Ryan says for most things it is best to go with your gut. He knew there was risk involved in both entering the real estate game in the first place and making the move from Sutton Group to Red Moose Realty. That being said Ryan new that, in both cases, he needed a change and real estate and Red Moose Realty felt like the right fit. “When something is not working you do know,” Ryan says. “It’s just a matter of whether its the right time to change or whether you’re confident to make that change.”

Ryan is continuing to build his business in the Ottawa and surrounding area. A Kemptville boy at heart he would love to start focusing his business more in the North Grenville area. If you are looking to buy or sell a house be sure to look him up at Red Moose Realty!