What if I told you that only one percent of the content that you produce on social media is going to do anything for your business.

Is that going to demotivate you? Or get you excited for creating.

I used to suck on Video. Now I'm okay. Eventually, I'll be great.

Think about Picasso, over his lifetime he created over 147 800 pieces of artwork, consisting of:

  • 13,500 paintings
  • 100,000 prints and engravings
  • 300 sculptures and ceramics
  • 34,000 illustrations

an impressive 78-year career.

but most people only know of according to Google: "At least 50"

He didn't give up and say: "Clearly no one wants my art, because I made 100 pieces and I'm not famous yet"

So why do businesses burn out making online content so fast?

Many people quit too early.

They create 100 posts, get no results, and then declare proudly that Facebook or Instagram is the problem, and clearly not working. And that they are happy to quit wasting their time on it.

What those quitters miss, is that the RESULTS of posting 100 pieces of content is not just in the views.

It's about the SKILLS that you create, posting, writing, organizing your thoughts, perfecting your pitch, getting comfortable communicating to a broad audience.

Your job as a business owner, aka: the person responsible for getting customers to your business, is to develop the skills of communicating your message, your value, and understanding what your customers like.

You can only do that if you are actively playing the game, and paying attention to what works and what doesn't.

You might only start with only 1 post out of 100 being good. But after a while, you'll create a process that works, and you will be able to produce great content, that gets you results every single time.

The real reason people stop making content

The unfortunate truth is, that people are "creating content" because they want to be famous, and not because they thought of something meaningful to say.

When you focus on making something meaningful, you have an internal reward system.

Every time you post, you get a little bit better. You learn something.

When your only goal for marketing is to make money, you leave a lot of money on the table by not pursuing anything that doesn't ROI in 30 days.

Picasso created art that was meaningful to him. And after a ton of hard work, he was eventually noticed.

How do you make a masterpiece?

The masterpiece that will catapult your business to the big leagues, will only happen when you stop trying to make a masterpiece, and put your head down and start creating useful content people want to watch.

Most people who stumble into fame, do so because their head was down working on their craft. Not waiting until they have the perfect piece of content that will shoot them to stardom.

If you try and go viral online with your head focused on the money, you'll always miss the mark.

The good news is:

The difference between Picasso and you is that because of social media, you don't have to wait around till you're dead to reap the rewards of your hard work. You can get feedback instantly if what you are creating is useful

Or if it's a dud.

So think about what is meaningful to you, and to the people around you.

Create content.

Figure out what is working with it, and what part of it can be improved.

Then go create some more.