What do these terms even mean?

Many people post on social media, but we’re here to tell you there is a better way.
This video is going to lay out why you should be advertising on social media, and not just posting.

I don’t know why I did this over breakfast. I swear it’s not a gimmick.
Okay…. it’s a gimmick.

Lazy Tactic #2: Ads are a shortcut to results.

If you’ve followed our previous video on Lazy Social Media Marketing… You are now only spending a few hours a month on your social media posting.

So what do you do with all your new found time?
Well, if you want to reinvest it into your business… here’s what you do: Upgrade your Advertising Game. You can spend 100’s of hours posting on Social Media, and not get a lot of traction… or you can learn to make ads that get seen by tens of thousands. Here’s why ads are important:

Organic Reach is a Gamble

If you post for 2 hours a week and get 5000 views…. how do you get 10 000 views? You would assume that 4 hours a week posting would do the trick right?


You actually don’t know how well posts are going to do. The value of regular posting is to ensure your profiles look active, and you seem accessible and up to date. But Facebook has made it clear that they are cutting organic reach down to practically 0. While not every social platform has gone this way yet… it’s only a matter of time.

While there is a lot of things you can do to get better organic reach… all of it involves more time. Time which you might not have.

Paid Reach is an Investment

When you create ads, you can measure the ROI perfectly. You know how many people see your ad, how many people click on the ad, and if you’re really savvy, how many customers you made from the ad.

If you spend $100 on an ad to get 1 customer…. if you improve the effectiveness of the ad, you might only have to spend $50.

Once you have an effective ad after lots of testing… you can then “buy” customers by just increasing your ad spend to get more people to see the ad.

You never know who you will get with organic reach… but with paid ads… you know exactly how much money you can expect to make.

Why don’t more people do ads then?

Social media is an accessible marketing tool… but most people don’t invest the time to learn it.
While boosting posts is pretty easy… unless you really know what you’re doing, or you’ve taken your time to learn… it’s just as hit or miss as any other advertising vehicle.

This is an opportunity for you. Get ahead of your competition, and learn a new skill for your business… or find someone who can help you! (We might know someone… hint hint!)

DID YOU KNOW? We are doing targeted ads for the Shop Local Showcase…. and most of our traffic on the page comes from paid ads.

If you have any questions? Leave them in the comments below or send us an email! We will see you next week with another lazy social media post and video!