To survive as a small business in 2018, most business owners are their own marketing team. Social media makes this the first time in History where everyone has access to the same tools as the big players.  But because the playing field has been leveled, this means that just being on social media doesn’t cut it anymore. If you are not generating interesting, or useful content, or if you’re just sharing the same old things all the time… no one is going to be engaging with you.

If you want to win at Social media you gotta get good at making it yourself, or hire the people who do.

The #1 habit that you need to be your own marketing team, is to learn to document everything you do. Whether through text, audio or video.

Working on a new product for a customer? Video it. Did you just solve a problem for a client with a unique solution? Share your thoughts or expertise. Doing something different with your business? Write about.

Not everyone is a natural at being on camera, but the reality is, that if you do it every day, you will get better at it. And once you have built that skill, you can now start to actually win at social media without having to spend a lot of money. You’ll have connections, you’ll have engaged fans, you’ll have photos and videos… and more importantly, you have a valuable skill that will never leave you.

Everyone wants the solution to making great content on social. And that solution is, is get good at it, do it every day, or hire the people who can.

Set A Goal

Make a goal to document 3 things that you do, or learn this week.
I find the easiest way to start is audio. Use an App like Achor, or just your audio recording app on your phone and record a 60 second takeaway. If you do this consistantly, by the end of the year you will have over 150 tidbits of information that you can turn into articles, do videos on, share on social… or combine into a longer audio podcast.

A little secret: This article was written based on this exact process. I had a conversation with two business owners and wrote 2 short paragraphs on what I was inspired by, and then turned it into this article.