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When you need to concentrate on business, sometimes you might be struggling to really hunker down and work.

Around the office, we use music to help us focus, pump us up, and get us in the right state to get some great work done!


If you were hoping to get right in the music, you can check out our own playlist right here:

Our own personal focus playlist!

And there's some new productivity hacks below!


You can check around and everyone has their own "trick" for productivity. Now everyone ticks different and what works for them might not work for you.

The world of music is crazy with some of the most unique things out there and more coming out every single day. And everyone's listening is totally different and unique, but one thing that's been absolutely blowing up has been chillwave and lo-fi hip-hop.

Chillwave is a subcategory of music known as Lo-Fi – or Low-Fidelity – which refers to music of a more imperfect feeling to it. You might be saying: "If it's imperfect, why would people even listen to it?"

Because… Science!

Well, the science behind it is actually pretty interesting. Lo-Fi uses layers of sounds and certain differences in some of the beats. Your brain is able to pick out the differences in the sounds and in turn, you're able to get into a mindset of focus.

Now back to your company. You need to stay focused to get things done, and maybe this lo-fi stuff is the right fit for you!

We've compiled some different places to listen to some music and you should totally try it out.

What if I'm not into Lofi Chillhop or whatever you call it?

Chillhop Radio: This is a 24/7 YouTube stream that will exclusively play this style of music and it's a great place to go and try out some new music and see what fits.

There are hundreds of lofi hip-hop channels streaming music 24/7. Find the one that suits your style!

Other Productivity Music


Noisli is a way to make a personalized soundscape based on environments and they even have some pre-made ones that might be perfect for you! All free.


Super clean interface won't slow your computer down.


If you want to go the extra mile, brain.fm has some pretty bold claims that they have scientifically engineered music to trigger your brain into a state of focus.

A few of us in the office have tried it, and it seems to work really well!

A word of warning, it does take some getting used to…

Supposedly backed by science? Try it out! It is a paid service, but if productivity is valuable… worth it.


Have you ever wished you had an accountability partner that you could call on at any time of day, for as long as you needed to help keep you on track and focussed?

Well… this is going to change your life.

Focusmate pairs you up with an accountability partner for a 1-hour video session. No talking, or chit chat. Just tell each other what you're working on and what you will accomplish in the hour…. and then you do it.

It seems ridiculously simple, but the results are mind-blowing. In the community forums, there are daily posts of people thanking the creators for this service, as they use it every day and helped them achieve great things.

How do you get focused and productive? Any sweet tunes you'd like to share with the community?

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