Absolutely FREE Training and a BONUS marketing budget tool:


This training and the bonus tool will help you define your marketing needs, map out your marketing budget, outline your marketing goals and measure your marketing plan to ensure you’re laser-focused on the marketing activities your business need to SCALE!

Wasting money and missing marketing
opportunities is expensive

“When you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Overused Famous Quote


When don’t understand how your own marketing works, it leaves you at the mercy of salespeople to tell them what they should be doing. Even worse, you feel powerless to act because you either spend a bunch of money on something that doesn’t work, or you miss opportunities by not spending enough on what you should.

Complicated textbook-sized marketing plans are good in theory, but are usually out of date as soon as they are written, hard to implement, and don’t really help a business that is ever-changing.


We created a simple tool that allowed our marketing agency to quickly make and test marketing decisions for our clients. It had to be understandable to anybody, and be able to flexible enough to work for any size of business so we didn’t have to remake the tool for every business and industry.

Turns out, this tool and process is incredibly valuable, and we decided to share it with anyone that needs it!

This tool will help those who are:

  • Don’t know how to properly plan or budget their marketing
  • Need clear actionable steps on what to do next
  • Want a simple way to plan and communicate with their team

What’s in the training?

Part 1: The Marketing Mindset

  • Goal setting: Why companies don’t make a plan
  • Mindset: Make a goal that you can believe in
  • Freedom: What makes you able to make quick decisions 


Part 2: The Budgeting Tool

  • Benchmarking: Where are you at right now?
  • Finding Opportunities: Know what needs to change  
  • Simplify: Make better decisions


Part 3: Ongoing Planning Process

  • Testing & Measuring: Creating a framework to be accountable for our decisions
  • Tweak as you go: Make actions and adjust as you go
  • How to compare what works: Setting a process to update the plan continually


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Who needs this training?

Business owners / CEO’s unsure what to do next
Inaction is costly to your business. This training will simplify the path forward so you can take action

Anyone who over or under spends on their marketing – If you are missing opportunities, or feel you are wasting effort, this training will help you stop.

Admin or Marketing coordinators who need a better way to report to their boss –​Business owners are busy. And they often don’t understand marketing. This tool allows you to simplify the concepts that they can understand.

Anyone who wants to understand how to plan their marketing better. – We’re not just teaching how to make a budget sheet. We’re teaching how to think about your marketing. Lots of gold nuggets and value is hidden throughout.

Quick fix searchers​- While this tool is going to save you a ton of time, money and effort, it doesn’t perform miracles. You still have to do some work.

The stretched too thin business owner​- If you’re pulling 70+ hour workweeks and still feel behind, you are not going to be able to implement the strategies here. Delegate this to someone who can!

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Meet Your Trainer:

Micheal Pacitto – CMO Market Pie

“My first business was with my family newspaper, where I saw first hand the need for businesses to understand marketing in a way that they can actually implement it. My mission with Market Pie is to grow the pie for everyone, so I made this training with the heart that marketing strategy should be accessible to everyone, no matter how big, or small they might be.”

This is how we plan for all of our marketing clients.

In 2019, our marketing agency developed a tool to help our clients plan their marketing better. This is the exact tool and process we use for all of our marketing clients.

We realized that this information could really help a lot of businesses, so we battle tested this workshop in front of many business groups, students, and schools to deliver you a ton of value.