Believe it or not…  Most people got into business NOT to be on social media all the time.

So while the internet is full of information on how to become a social media expert, we thought we would take a different route and start an email series about how to be lazy on social media….

and still get results!

Lazy Tactic # 1: Only post once a month.

Okay…. this is a bit of hyperbole. But if you are a one-man marketing team, you can actually get the bulk of your social media posts done all in one day…. and then be free to spend your social media time engaging with customers, answering questions, or posting really interesting live in the moment stuff.

The problem with posting on social media everyday, is that switching tasks constantly takes you out of your productive zone. To avoid this follow these 4 steps!

Make a Schedule

You can use any tool for this. We like Air Table as it makes organizing information and calendars easy. (if you want to learn about Airtable, ask it in the comments below!)

You don’t need to worry about details at this point…. just jot down the topics or general ideas of the types of posts you want to make. Videos, images, tips, product recommendations… silly memes…

Using a tool like Airtable, we are able to get a high-level view of what type of content we are making, and how we can optimize it. It’s also easy to move things around.

Write the Posts

After you know what kind of posts you will need to make…. you can switch tasks to write out all the posts in one fell swoop. Write good catchy headlines, and the text you will use. Gather the images or media you will be posting. The reason it’s good to use an external tool is that it gets you away from the distractions of facebook, and into a space where you can just put a solid 1-2 hours of work in.

Schedule them

This is the easy part. Since you already have all your posts made… you just copy and paste them into your scheduling program like hootsuite or buffer. Facebook has a built in scheduling program. Hootsuite has a way to upload posts via spreadsheet so that can be a huge time saver.

That’s it!

I know we said there was 4 steps. But this is the lazy guide… so lets cut corners a bit!

By doing all your posts at once, you save yourself hours of time switching tasks, or having to remember to make posts.

Breaking up your post writing into 3 parts instead of one post at a time allows you to have much more control, and perspective about what posts your making. It also makes coming up with post ideas easier as you can dedicate your focus on one type of social media work at a time.

ACTION TIP: What posts do you want to do for Shop Local Showcase? Take 5 minutes and write them down now, so you won’t have to do them later.

We will see you next week with another lazy social media post and video!