For a long time I’ve said that businesses need to plan for a day that organic facebook traffic will be zero. While marketers have known about this for a long time, it’s only been in the mainstream since This post from Mark Z. For those not aware, here is the coles notes:

Organic reach (the amount of people facebook will show your business posts to without paying for anything) for news, businesses and brands is going to tank even more than it already has.

What this means is, that Facebook is moving even faster now towards pay to play. If you want your business to be seen on Facebook, paying is going to be the main way to do it.

This is a good thing.

I’m serious.

The average business is going to get less exposure. The free ride is over. But this also means that the businesses that know how to create great content, and advertisements, are going to win.

So today is the day, that it’s time to decide if you are going to be the average business or one of the ones that know what you are doing. I’d like to share with you what actions you should be doing to take advantage of this new environment, and how to win with the new facebook.


First Some Easy Things to do.

These will not replace the reach you previously got on Facebook, but they are small, easy things to do and cost nothing to implement.

Alert your users that they can always find your business posts through here.

Tell your biggest fans to let Facebook Know that they want to see your Content.


You have to get good at facebook ads… NOW.


Canadian Businesses are statistically slow to react to social media marketing. While we have the same percentage of people using facebook compared to the US, less than 50% of businesses actively market on social, vs 70-80% in the US.

This means that this new change, while staring us all in the face, is going to be mostly ignored by the average business owner, until people start seeing “0 views” on their posts.

If you wait until that time, then you’ve missed your opportunity.


So take this moment now, and educate yourself on what makes a successful ad. A/B test, get better graphics/photos, do video, really work on your headlines, make sure your website landing pages are amazing sales funnels.

If you do nothing in this article except for getting better at social ads… you will be miles ahead of your competition. So learn what to do, or find someone to help you.


Create a Facebook Group that has value.


Creating a facebook group is a lot like creating a newsletter.

It’s easy to setup, but hard to get people to actually use it.

The upside is that people don’t have to leave facebook to interact and engage with you.

The downside is that they are still on facebook, and not on your website or in your store.

To make a group useful enough that people will want to join and stay takes a few key ideas:

  • Have a specific niche or problem that the group solves. If you are a hardware store, make a local DIY home reno group. If you are a fitness coach, create a group for people to share fitness goals and what is working for them.
  • Don’t Oversell. Make the group about helping people, and in time you’ll have a thriving community of people that are likely to be your customers.
  • Be consistent. Create conversation starters. Ask questions of the group. Share useful links, or create your own content that helps people.


There are many other strategies, but the key here is that you are creating something that people WANT to be in, not something YOU want them to be in.


Have a strategy to Get people Off of Facebook.

After you have worked so hard to get their attention, paid for facebook ads… how do you hold it? Keep paying Facebook?


While having them on your page, or your group is great, Facebook is a minefield of distractions.

Make great content, and/or have compelling offers to get them off of facebook onto your website, into an event you are hosting, or onto an email list.


Be a Trendsetter: Explore untapped markets and social networks

If your only social media marketing was on Facebook, these changes have just reduced your income by a significant amount of money.

This is a good time to explore another social network.  Instagram, youtube videos, google searches and pinterest are all great places to market your business. There are newer social networks like Snapchat or Musically have smaller user bases, but if you are brave enough to be the first one to market your niche there, you have an incredible advantage.

Are there risks that it might not work out? Of course. But if you’ve already been burned by making Facebook your only online marketing… you know there is greater risks in not trying new things.

Take Action

When the marketing world changes 2 things can happen:
1: New opportunities arise.
2: Some people fall behind.

Make the most of this situation by taking some action now.


How have you changed how you do business online since the algorithm changes?
What’s working for you?
Let us know and maybe you can help someone if we missed something important.