The same rules for attracting customers are applied to potential hires.

Just having a "help wanted" sign up, doesn't entitle you to get the A players. You have to know what kind of a company you are trying to build, and your marketing needs to show it effectively.

You can't just SAY what makes you different, you have to SHOW it.

No one wants to work for a random person who has a cleaning company. They want to work at a place that looks like it's growing, has growth opportunities, and looks like it will treat them right.

When you have a solid brand and a strategy to implement it, not only do you attract the best clients, but you attract the best employees too.

How you talk on social, your website, word choices, visual image, causes you back…. even your hiring process…. all of these send signals to people looking for jobs whether or not they should bother with you or not.

A-players know how to spot A-companies.
B players will take any job they can get.

If everyone that is applying to you is not an A player, chances are it's not that there aren't talented employees out there, but that there is something about how you are advertising the position that is not working.

It's very easy to blame the job market, entitled Millenials, the economy, the school system as to why you can't get good help.

But just like it would be silly for us to blame customers for not buying from us, we need to apply the same mindset for attracting good customers as we do good employees.

I would say before you go expanding like crazy, this is the best time to really figure out what kind of a company you are trying to build, and what kind of people do you need to support that vision.

What creative ways have you found to attract good talent?