$31,415.92 Massive Marketing makeover!

Our marketing agency is growing, and we want you to grow with us!

We’re giving away $31,415.92 of marketing services to help businesses
grow their team, their community and their impact on the world.

When businesses are thriving, our communities are thriving. 

We will help you grab a piece of the pie:

Get your website started

Power Up your social media

Give you Marketing tools

Or even develop a strategy that you and your team can implement.

Click here if you are ready for a piece of pie!

Who are we?


Market Pie is based on the principle that small to medium-sized businesses and organizations, focused on local markets, should have access to the same kinds of marketing tools and talent that global enterprises use to find and deliver nurtured customers to their door.

Community-focused businesses are the backbone of our economy. Your business deserves its piece of the pie because you’re really great at what you do. The problem is you might not be all that great at marketing. Or maybe you are, but you would rather focus on what you do best: running your business.

We want to offer you your piece of the market pie. Tasteful branding. Sumptuous marketing. Irresistible stories. For your business or organization. Directed at the audience in your market. Done in a way that optimizes your return on investment.


Why this contest?

Overcoming fear.

We have talked with 100’s of business owners in the past few months. Everybody is stressed. They are being forced to change rapidly. And everyone is telling us the same thing:

“I just don’t know what I should be doing”

Our agency has been fortunate to be able to grow in the past few months, so we want to help as many businesses as possible figure out what is the ONE THING they should be doing next, and even help them get started growing again.

Frequently Asked questions

What are the prizes?

There are 100 prizes available to be won along with:


  • The grand prize of a complete marketing makeover of $10000 worth of marketing.
  • 3 Runner up prizes of $4000 worth of marketing
  • 10 coaching packages valued at $750
Are there any bonuses?

The first 100 businesses that enter will receive free marketing tools to grow their email lists, manage their social media accounts, or launch a simple free website!

You’ll also get access to templates and free training to create a simple 1 page marketing plan, and a live webinar Q&A to ask our team of marketers what businesses should be doing to grow their business in 2020.

How are winners picked?

Winners are not picked based on votes or some other popularity contest. So everyone has a fair chance to win: The winner selection pool is based on a randomized draw.


The 14 top prize winners will be interviewed to ensure that we are a good fit, and that Market Pie can help them. If in that process it’s determined by Market Pie that we can’t implement the prize we will pick another winner.

What do you do with my information?

By entering the contest, you will receive emails about the contest, how to use the free marketing software, as well as agree to be contacted by Market Pie. You will not be aggressively sold to, or pressured to buy anything. After opting into this by entering the contest, all of these communications can be opted out of, or unsubscribed. We believe good marketing is based on trust and by being helpful. Not spamming useless sales copy. If you do not get value from receiving communications from us, we would be happy to remove you from any list or communications from us. Winners information may be used on our social media for marketing purposes, and as accountability to our audience that a winner was picked.

Who is eligible?

Any business that is looking to grow!

As per the “How are winners picked?” question, we will interview businesses to determine eligibility of awarding the prize.

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