Blogging. Vlogging. Facebooking. SEO. Tweeting. Instagramming.

The list goes on with how many things you need to do as a business owner. And if you actually did everything you were "supposed" to be doing… you probably would have no time to get any actual work done.

But there are really good reasons to do all this stuff.

Blogs can increase your ranking on google search and bring you free traffic to your site.

Posting on social builds and engages your audiences, and shows your potential buyers how you are different.

Doing this all well means more customers and more money in the bank.

Think about what you are already creating

Unless you want to hire an entire marketing department (and I wouldn't be unhappy if you did!) if you want to be producing the amount of content that is required to compete in the digital market, you have to get very real with not just WHAT you make, but HOW you make it.

What most people don't realize is, that you are making great content ALL. THE. TIME.

  • You give a 60-second "tip of the day" at their business networking meetings.
  • You tell a powerful story to your customers of how you have helped someone in a tough situation.
  • You read some comment on Facebook that pisses you off because someone is sharing misinformation, and now you are spending an hour writing out a super rant to them.

All of that is content.
Just take a look at what I did at my regular weekly business networking meeting:

If you think that it was worth your breath saying it to someone random, or to a customer… then why would you keep those nuggets of wisdom hidden?

How to get efficient with creating content?

If you try and set aside a few hours to "make content" you are already fighting a losing battle.

The best place to start is to write down where you are already making content. Meetings, networking, conversations, social media, working….

And build around that.

Take this one video I recorded for my business breakfast networking meeting. I was already going to give a tip of the day, so I thought I would record it.

That video goes on Facebook and Linkedin.

This blog gets written and released several days to a week later and gets shared again.

I take the best quote from this blog and throw it into a graphics program, and now I got something for Instagram… or I can cut up a 15-second snippet, or sum it up in another video and share that in Facebook/Instagram stories, Snapchat, or wherever else I need content.

Okay, maybe I could have picked a better one. But you get the idea!

I don't feel comfortable recording myself on camera around others

No problem.

After your networking, meeting, or customer consult, take 5 minutes in the car, or walking home, and give your #1 takeaway or thoughts, and then use that content to power all your social media channels.

Do you believe you should learn 1 thing every day?

Then figure out what that is, make a video.

Did you say something to a client that changed their life?

Share that!

Content is everywhere, and you're already making it. And with cell phones, there is no excuse not to have the tools to do it.

If you don't like yourself on video? No problem. Audio has your back.

The content is already there. There is no need to "create it"

Just go out and document it.