Case Study: Kemptville District Hospital Foundation

How Market Pie Helped a Local Hospital Generate
over $15,000 in Donations for New Equipment


The Kemptville District Hospital Foundation has been raising money for the local hospital since 1979. The foundation was looking to launch a fundraising campaign to buy brand new colonoscopy and gastroscopy equipment for the hospital.

The Challenge

With most of the foundation’s previous fundraising efforts being offline, digital marketing was completely new to the team. They were looking to create an online strategy & get a wider reach in hopes to get a new audience online. Generating online donations, increasing engagement, and reaching a new audience were all challenges that were facing the hospital foundation.


  • Ads for the campaign would be made up by free ads in local media companies, and consistency would not be easy to maintain.

  • Strategy was focussed on the prize, and would not build awareness of the amazing work, and new initiatives done by the Hospital
  • All previous campaigns have only been one way communication. There has been no feedback on what ads have been successful or not.
  • Only digital assets were a Facebook account with a few followers and a mailing list of 500 people.

  • No previous success in digital campaigns to gather targeting data from.

Ingredients of the Pie

(or what we did)

Social Media

Strategy Desing

Ad Management

Before going in guns blazing and launching ads every which way…

We had some strategy and brainstorming sessions to understand the audience we were going to target.

From those, we undertood that:

  • Colonoscopies are not fun to talk about

  • Not everyone knows what our local hospital does

  • People who support non profits care more about giving to a good cause, then they do about getting a return on their investment.
  • The foundation staff had lots of knowledge of their audience, but they lacked the tools / knowledge to target them with traditional media.

After doing market research, Market Pie determined that building brand awareness, targeting a new audience & increasing the foundation’s revenue were the top marketing objectives for this campaign. And the key to doing this was to make the unexciting need of getting colonoscopy equipment, relatable.

The first step was to construct a graphic that would give the unifying theme, text and creative for the campaign to base all other ads around. Market Pie’s branding specialist interviewed the foundation staff.

Then we came up with…

While everyone on the team loved this graphic, we tested this with foundation stakeholders, and small focus groups to ensure that we were on the right path. Every single person agreed that this not only made them laugh, but increased awareness of the work that the Hospital is doing to secure much needed equipment.

Once we created the foundational creative, we were able to create multiple ads along the same theme and messaging, from social media posts, ads, newspaper and other media. As long as we kept the central message, we could have a lot of fun creating variations of the theme.

The content created from the messaging Market Pie developed was used on all ends (no pun intended). Market Pie used several online platforms to help the KDHF reach its goals. That mainly included social media & e-mail advertising. Market Pie ran social media ads mainly on Facebook & Instagram, while using a large list of inactive emails that were provided by the foundation that were collected from previous in-person events. Targeting a new audience meant that Market Pie had to focus on a larger geographic location than just Kemptville, the focus became on nearby cities such as Ottawa & Brockville.

The Results

  • We helped The Kemptville District Hospital Foundation raise $15,000 in a span of less than 3 months! 

  • With a tight budget and no previous digital campaigns for this client to guide them, Market Pie had successfully engaged with a new audience, and delivered results.

  • We revived their social media accounts, and digital newsletters, giving them multiple free channels to get their message to donors instead of expensive mail campaigns.

  • We raised awareness about the important equipment needed in our local hospital.


The Numbers

The ad you see has reached over 18,000 individuals, with the cost of engagement being less than $0.50 and the total amount spent on this ad was around $500 only. With 584 likes & 133 shares, this was one of the more successful ads that raised the foundation’s brand awareness and led to over 40 new followers/total likes to the page in less than a month.

Market Pie also used the KDHF’s email list that was not engaged with in quite a while. Market Pie launched the email campaign using the new branded assets that were developed throughout the campaign to help re-engage with the email list. The results from the email marketing were impressive, with over 40% open & 11% click rate in the first email. The second email blast had a 43% open rate with a 5% click rate. Market Pie then retargeted emails to boost sales which led to an even higher click rate percentage (5% click rate on those who did not click initially).

Results of our Intervention


Total Reach


Cost of Engagement


Email Open Rate

Digital marketing helps non profits reach more people, with a more targeted message, for less cost.

Thanks to Rona’s donation of a $10,000 shopping spree, The KDHF had the opportunity to engage with the community. But without access to low cost digital marketing channels, the majority of the community would not have seen the message, or gotten the message about the great work being done at KDH.

We had a lot of fun working with the dynamic team at KDHF. To find out how we can help you make the switch to digital marketing, please reach out to Market Pie 

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