We're in a world where everyone wants results yesterday.

And if we're not moving there quickly, then something must be wrong.

We also prioritize FEELING like we're successful, rather than BEING successful. It's why a 12 month strategy to build real followers is never as possible as the "Instagram Hack to double your followers in 7 days" (which usually results in fake followers…. but I digress…)

When I went for my weekly workout at the Sustainable Success Strength Training Gym, he was told by his coach he was going to be reducing the weight, so that the focus could be put 100% on technique, and rebuilding good habits.

Should be easy.

I was dead wrong.

When you take things slow, you start to realize just how many details you were skipping over. When I used to explode out of a rep, there was a lot of momentum that was making each rep easier.

Now I had to actually push the full weight that was way more difficult even at a much lower weight.

Richard of course had some great words of wisdom for this:

It's not about demonstrating strength, it's building strength.

And this got me thinking:

Isn't that what we do in business all the time? Instead of building a full skill set, we often look for ways around doing the hard work? Sure a shortcut can help you out now and then, and I don't advocate doing hard work unnecessarily….

But shouldn't we be building a business that is strong enough to last the long haul, and not just look for the quick win?

Richard Chartrand is my personal trainer. His advice for working out works for business too!

If your business, or even your marketing is feeling like you've hit a plateau… it might be because you skipped out developing some important foundations for reaching the next goal.

Maybe you need to slow things down a bit, so you can properly evaluate what is and isn't working in your business.