Let's face it,

finding things to do to improve your marketing can be daunting. Everything either takes too much time or too much money.

So we created a little list-o-things you can do in under 30 minutes to improve your marketing, RIGHT NOW.

While it would benefit our SEO to have a long-winded keyword laden introduction, let's skip the rambling and get right to the content!

  1. Create a Google My Business Listing to improve your search ranking
  2. Create a Google Analytics account to see how well your website performs
  3. Make a Google My Business Post twice a month
  4. Create a template email you will send to every client requesting a review
  5. Send a request to your last 10 clients to review your business on Google. (Click to get a free tool to help you do this)
  6. Find and Follow 10 new/interesting people you want to meet or connect with.
  7. Search for, and make a listing on any business directory you can find like Yelp, Houzz, Glassdoor etc.
  8. Create 31 backlinks with this handy Listing Builder tool.
  9. Share a video testimony of a business you recently bought from and tag them.
  10. Join a Business networking Facebook/LinkedIn Group
  11. Check your website for broken links and test contact forms/signups.
  12. Run a speed test to make sure your website is running fast
  13. Check to make sure your listings are all updated on every business directory.
  14. Make a short video about “The best thing you learned this week/month” for social.
  15. Write a blog version of it.
  16. Make a quote/graphic of the best line/thought to share on social
  17. Reach out to try out a local business networking Group. (Like one we’re part of!)
  18. Sign up for an automatic meeting scheduler to make hiring you easier.
  19. Review The best performing social media posts from last 6 months, and the worst-performing.
  20. Call up one of your customers and interview them on why they chose you, what they like about you, and how you’re different than the competition.
  21. Set a sales goal for the next 90 days, or tasks you want to accomplish in the next 90 days. Or update your Strategic Plan
  22. Change your email from fail@gmail.com to success@yourbusinessname.com
  23. Find networking events and plan to attend 2 this month.
  24. Watch 30 minutes of Gary Vaynerchuck / Seth Godin
  25. Review all the settings/options in all your social media page accounts for new features/old information.
  26. Create a Marketing Budget
  27. Write a handwritten note to your 5-10 best clients and mail it with a meaningful/relevant small gift.
  28. Call anyone who has made an impact on your life/business, and thank them. And ask them if there is anything you can help them with, or if they are looking for someone to connect with.
  29. Start an Anchor Podcast, and at the end of the day, share a reflection of what you learned, a story, or whatever interesting thoughts you had.
  30. Post an ad on Kijiji. / Bump old ones.
  31. Take a short online Marketing Course.
  32. Replace watching a TV show/video games with a marketing podcast.
  33. Share this post on Facebook (and mention what you are going to do)
  34. Share this post on Linkedin (and list your favourite ideas)
  35. Share this post on Twitter
  36. Share this post on Instagram (and challenge someone to do it with you)

Doing all of this isn't going to fix all your problems, but sometimes you need something small and bite-sized to accomplish to get some positive momentum going.

The hardest part is STARTING, so having al ist of simple things to get a quick win just might make that part a little easier.

Let me know if we're missing anything important, or that you would want to add!