The Marketing Focus Journal

Join the many business owners who are solving their marketing problems through daily journaling. Track your progress, share insights with other business owners, and develop your marketing through simple daily exercises.

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A daily 5 Minute Exercise

Marketing is not always about having all the answers. It’s about knowing the right QUESTIONS. By following this guided journaling process, we provide the questions, and you discover the answers at your own pace.

Get Inspired by the Community

Journaling is a very personal journey. And sometimes you might not know HOW to journal. By seeing others share their insights you can be encouraged to discover your own!

Get Focussed on your Business

These questions and activities  were forged from many client meetings, asking questions to find solutions to real problems. By building a habit of asking yourself effective questions, you’ll have better answers to your marketing problems.

A Guided Process

Every Day we post a writing prompt, such as: “List everywhere someone could see or experience your business”.  Every prompt will have several critical questions to ask yourself, and the answers you write will give you the perspective to come up with an actionable item to do for your business. You don’t need to be an expert writer to do well at journaling.  Just writing down your thoughts will allow you to think through your problems more clearly. And if you get stuck? Ask for help from the group!

You can do the exercises in any order, and they are grouped by categories so you can focus on the area that is most important to you!